Understanding Online Betting: the New Addiction

You can be a fan of online games and sports betting without being dependent on it. It is possible to distinguish between things, which is why “responsible gambling” is a set of measures aimed at preventing gambling addiction. We explain the main lines.

Play in a Reasonable Way

Responsible gambling is about being aware and aware of the possible risks that gambling can cause to you or others. No matter how much fun you get playing, betting online and playing your money must remain an entertainment in your daily life. The lure of gain is such that your desire is stimulated by the game. However, keep in mind that you cannot win every time. Sometimes, chance fills you or ruins you. So be careful about your goals when you bet online, the game is a hobby, a way to relax, just an entertainment.

In some situations, the game is no longer mastered and self control and bets seem more complicated. The practice becomes problematic because you play uncontrollably at the risk of experiencing some inconvenience.

Sometimes too excessive practice can be diagnosed as pathology, so called addiction. Players no longer control themselves, cannot stop playing and the game becomes ubiquitous in the person’s life.

Stay the Masters of the Game

The most important advice we can give you is to stay in control of yourself. For that, do not think to play that when you are in relaxation, never forgetting that it is only a game.

Do not think that gambling will pay off your debts or make you a millionaire. Not all players win and you can even lose in the long run.

Set time limits. You must be able to stop yourself and the game must not overshadow your other activities. It is better to give yourself breaks so you can stay clear and focused.


Other than time, you must also manage your money. Set limits for supply and stakes that you commit to never exceed.

For example, gdwbet mobile must offer you to set limits in the supply of your account online and in your bets. In addition, the payments of the gains are done automatically on your bank account. You can also self-exclude from the site and impose personal limits such as your playing time, the amount of your bets or for a temporary exclusion. Finally, there is a list of gambling prohibitions entrusted to the Ministry of the Interior, which bookmakers must consult for new registrants and then every month.

With constantly changing odds and the ability to bet at any time during sports, live bets or “live bet” are increasingly popular with players. The bookmakers have made a type of bet in its own right and now offer many opportunities for bet and meetings broadcast live.

Why Bet Live?

The adrenaline you feel when you follow a sports match will certainly be stimulated by live betting. Indeed, on operators’ websites, it is possible to bet at any time of a match on future game events. The evolution of the coasts, which characterize this type of game, allows the players an infinite number of possibilities of putting in function of the course of the sports meeting. Of course, when you bet, the coast freezes and cannot evolve during the game.